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Africa Metal Products reducing Atmospheric Emmissions
with Stainless Steel

The Stainless Steel Flotation Disc (SS FlotaDisc)

Atmospheric emissions of pollutants have become a world-wide issue of concern. From a health
perspective, they can contribute to respiratory diseases in humans and livestock. They could also pose health risks if they are chemically modified in the atmosphere into carcinogens.

In addition, some pollutants, being persistent in nature can be taken up by vegetation and thereby enter the food chain . The emission of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere is of specific concern due to the lack of clarity, firstly, on the exact chemical modifications in the atmosphere and secondly, on health and environmental impacts.

Having received an enquiry from a local petrochemical company, Africa Metal Products designed and developed a product to address atmospheric emissions from storage tanks. The product effectively reduced emissions by over 90%.

The product is a flotation disc manufactured from light gauge austentic 18/10 stainless steel material. It is designed to act as a metal blanket covering as much as 99% of the petroleum-derived liquids stored in the tanks. The discs are 268mm in diameter, 90mm high with a 40mm flange. Approximately 20 discs cover a square metre of the surface area of the liquid .

Being made from stainless steel, there is no danger of corrosion. It therefore is extremely long-lasting when compared to other products designed for a similar purpose.

Currently, the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism is busy reviewing environmental laws through an extensive review of the atmospheric pollution legislation in the National Environmental Management Act. This could have wide repercussions for industries that are emitting into the atmosphere. In addition, the Department of Water Affairs, in the Water Act, limits secondary pollution to water. These and other regulatory pressures are forcing industry to act on minimising or preventing emissions. The product designed by Africa Metal Products is aimed at achieving this.

Internationally, industries are self-regulating their environmental performance through the International Organisation for Standardisation environmental standard, ISO 14001. A cornerstone of this standard is continual improvement. The installation of the flotation discs, to prevent emissions from storage tanks, while assisting towards continual improvement, will also prevent loss of product. This results therefore in a reduction of volatile organic compoun to the environment and real financial savings.

For more information, please contact Gerry Naidoo on 031 - 461 4250.

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