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Established in 1911 by Walter Franke in Switzerland. Today, there are Franke companies located all around the world and the Head Office is situated in Aarburg, Switzerland. We have an international network of companies dedicating themselves in supporting local economies and upholding there highest standards in there selected fields of business.

Franke's kitchen systems division has transformed your ordinary kitchen sink into a versatile kitchen center for all the food preparations: functional, ergonomic and practical, with long-lasting materials.

With the Swiss tradition of precision, we have accessories and sinks that are synonymous with outstanding functionality, design and perfection. We offer the most comprehensive variety of kitchen systems with a wide choice of materials, styles and colors to choose from, all of these elements is necessary for creating a stylish and personalised kitchen area for you needs.

Franke came into the African continent in 1999, by acquiring the leading distributor and manufacturer of sanitary products and sinks in South Africa - City Metal Products.

Since the launch in South Africa, Franke has committed itself in helping the South African economy by investing into the local manufacturing plants and making use of local people and teaching them the skills needed.

The factory is based in Durban, and the sales offices based in Cape Town, Durban and Midrand.


It is Franke's vision to be world's leading providers of intelligent systems that will prepare food and coffee with a very rewarding experience and a offer a hygiene as comprehensive solution.


Not to compromise when it comes to quality, innovation and style.
Focus on the essentials and to implement ideas fast and more effectively than anyone
Create value for the customers and also provide inspirations through innovations.
To develop through our values of "energetic", "bright" and "dedicated", a living culture that makes winners of our stakeholders.

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Company Info

Sales Office
77 Roan Cresent,
Sage Corporate Park North
Midrand, 1682
South Africa,
(+27 -11)357 3300
(+27 -11)357 3301

Head Office
1194 South Coast Road
Mobeni, 4092
South Africa, Telephone:
(+27 -31)450 6300
(+27 -11)450 6302


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