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Over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing and design of cryogenic equipment, Cryo Containers (Pty) Ltd, have through there relations with partnering companies, manufacture and supply cryogenic equipment, this includes, cryogenic storage tanks, transporters, ancillary equipment and inter-modal ISO container tanks for the storage and the transport of compressed gases, primarily for the Worldwide Industrial Gas Industry, LNG Industry and CO2 Industry.

Our cryogenic system supply a wide range of LNG cryogenic products for LNG storage and transport of high quality.

By effecting large saving on vital equipment we add value with Cryo Containers to the industry. We ensure reliability through quality, and through innovative solutions we service the industry.

Cryo Containers (Pty) Ltd is a family owned company which specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of cryogenic vacuum insulated storage and transport equipment, and related equipment.

For over 35 years the management here at Cryo Containers have been in the cryogenic manufacturing business. For over 75 years we have collectively experience with other companies and then independently for 35 years.

Our client base operate mostly in Petro-chemical, Industrial Gas, CO2 Industries and LNG. With these industries we have able to learn a great deal about what these industries requirements are, and also offer some of our own innovative solutions.

We have developed many long-standing relations with over 40 countries to whom we have supplied cryogenic equipment.

With our Philosophy of collaboration and long term relations with like-minded companies has enabled us to build successful strategic partnerships. This gives us the ability to present our clients with a broader and complete product and services offerings.

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South Africa,

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